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E Cigarettes by 7's


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                                           7′S E-LIQUID PROMO

SS Choice produces a wide variety of E-Liquids in Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles. The advantage of using a blue glass bottle, versus plastic, is to assure the shelf life of the contents. The bottle’s colored glass helps protect E-Liquids from degradation to maintain the content’s uniformity to the very last drop. 7’S E-Liquids are available in a wide variety of flavors with up to five (5) different Nicotine levels.

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Experience the Difference.

Natural flavor.

7’s incorporates natural processes to create pleasant tasting products for you, the customer. Prior to manufacturing, extensive research and development for all SS Choice flavors combined with precise levels of Nicotine, involve countless trials to assure that the proper blending of ingredients produce a smooth, rich taste. Consistency and uniformity from the first puff to the very last puff incorporate extremely highgrade quality food flavorings that make noticeable to the discerning smoker.
From our zesty menthol and superb tasting tobacco, savor our subtle hints of fruit and our aromatic blends applied to an array of popular flavors. Experience the obvious difference: Flavors with natural fortifications based on tried and true Company processes that yield what you deserve

*Made in the USA.

Produced in-house.

SS Choice Operations assemble and label our 7’S E-Liquids in-house. State of the art equipment fills our Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles in 15ml and 30ml sizes.

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  1. sarah August 31, 2013 at 1:01 PM

    Does the liquid smell like the flavor, I mean the vapor itself? I wouldn’t want to “light up” a grape flavored one and have anyone be bothered. That’s the whole reason we are all smoking outside now anyway.

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