7’s E-Liquids: 15ml & 60ml Sizes Now Available + NEW Variety Pack


7’s E-Liquids – 15ml and 60ml Cobalt Blue Bottles Now Available

7’s E-Liquids now come in Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles. We use blue glass bottles to protect our e-liquids from degradation and to maintain the content’s uniformity and taste to the very last drop! They are available in a wide variety of flavors with up to five (5) different Nicotine levels. Order today and discover the advantages of 7’s brand products.

7’s E-Liquid Variety Pack

You asked and we’ve delivered!  By customer’s popular demand, we now have available a 7’s E-Liquid Variety Pack in a selection of our most popular proprietary blended flavors. Maximize your cost savings with the 7’s E-Liquid Variety Pack and get all of your favorite great tasting flavors: Tobacco, Mocha, Strawberry, Apple, and Blueberry!

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