Study Finds Graphic Images On Cigarette Packs Working

As if decades of advertisements telling you this were not enough, a new study has rolled out stating that so far the graphic warning labels that have been printed on cigarettes in some countries are actually working in terms of sending the message about the negative health effects of smoking. What was once questioned as nothing more than a shock tactic seems to actually be having an impact. More and more smokers are ditching their packs with many citing the graphic images as the reason why. The question, however, is just why this is what it took to make it happen?

Perhaps it is simply because graphics stick in the mind more than text. It is one thing to read over and over again how cigarettes are bad for you, but to look at a picture that shows you exactly what could happen to you would probably make a much stronger impression. While the graphic warning labels seem to be helping, there are many smokers who are still not pleased with the warnings being on the packs. Many smokers are offended by the images and know full well the risk that they face by smoking. It does make one wonder that with all of the anti-smoking advertisements that we see throughout the world is it even necessary for the images to be there. After all it is not hard to imagine the urge to smoke overcoming the urge to not be grossed out by images that could be easily covered.

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