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Proposed Indianapolis Ordinance May Put a Stop To Public E Cigarette Use

A recently proposed ordinance for the Indianapolis area may put a stop to virtually all e cigarette usage should it pass. The ordinance proposes that using an e cigarette, which has for a long time been known as “vaping” is the same as smoking, and as such e cigarettes would be subject to public smoking bans. The ban would have effect on public places such as sports arenas, shopping malls, and similar public places. The proposed ban has many e cigarette users infuriated, especially over the lack of distinction between vaping and smoking. They are especially frustrated due to the fact that thus far there has been no solid evidence to suggest that e cigarette vapor can cause any level of harm, especially to non smokers.

Many e cigarette users who do not live in the Indianapolis area worry that similar ordinances could make their way across the country. When it is taken into consideration that a main point of popularity for e cigarettes is the fact that they can be used in most public places, it does not look good for the e cigarette users. However, this is only if the ordinance becomes affective. Time will tell what effect this will have on e cigarette users, if any.


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